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Over the past 16 years, I have offered project management for banks, MSBs and cash lending institutions throughout the United States and internationally. Western Union, MoneyGram International, Cathay General Bancorp, Meta Bank Financial Group, Guaranty Bank – just to name a few.

I create great partnerships with executive management, peers and individuals under my oversight to understand and accomplish defined goals, refine processes to facilitate timelines more efficiently, and meet the stated unique and varied needs of the institution.

I have successfully manage teams ranging from five to twenty, and experience noted success in leadership both in-house and in developing and sustaining streamlined communications with remote international teams.

My experience in financial markets, audit, compliance, and supporting requirements of domestic and international law leave me uniquely qualified to assist client’s increase productivity, compliance and strategy. Importantly, I enjoy my work and the contribution I have through my skill set to the well being of banking stability and achievement.

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Corrie V. Ehler